July 10th The Fourth of July

Good morning πŸ˜„ brothers and sisters! I'm happy to be here today!
Guess what? I hit a year this week! Isn't that insane? It definitely
doesn't feel like a year, and at the same time it kind of does. It's
been a lot of fun this week we had some crazy times. I'll tell you
guys about it.
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff! We helped them both pick a
baptismal date for the 19th of August, and they're progressing really
well. They're reading and praying a ton, and they both committed to
work on their word of wisdom problems next. We think they'll
definitely make it, they just need to come to church really.
So the coolest part of our week was definitely the Fourth of
JulyπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’₯. We did a free lemonade stand, and it worked out
beautifully! We had all four of the Canton elders there, and we were
able to talk to over 400 people in five hours. Everyone was in a
really good mood (a little bit drunk) and we had a lot of great
contacts. There was a live band playing, and they announced that we
were handing out free lemonade over the speakers. It was amazing, just
running around and talking to everyone! It's a shame the Fourth of
July only comes once per year really. Oh and someone got a little too
drunk and accidentally shot a firework through a group of people and
it blew up under their car. That's when we decided we should probably
get going.
We actually had a lot of chances to do street contacting, there was a
festival thing on Friday and we walked and talked to a bunch of people
there, there was a farmers market on Saturday and we talked to a bunch
of people then. We rounded out the week with like 270 contacts, and to
put that in perspective, we usually shoot for 70, like that's the
standard of excellence, if you know what that is. It was a really fun
Oh and just FYI, it has rained ⛈ at least once every day for the past
3 weeks. No joke.
The other cool part of the week was we met our new mission president,
president Marsh. They did a little get to know you thing, and he seems
really smart. He was a professor at BYU, and he already has some
pretty exciting ideas. He's also pretty funny, he has a lot of
stories, and he's a really great public speaker. He told us one thing
that made me a little nostalgic, he said as he was arriving in Georgia
he was looking for president and sister Bennion, and he said he
finally found them, they were talking to a 15 year old kid (remember
they're both like 75), and showing him something on their phone. When
he got closer he saw it was their family history, and he said
president Bennion was inviting him to be baptized. Also when he asked
them what their plans were for when they got home they said 1) "we'll
probably knock a few doors and drum up a few potential investigators"
2) they plan to "live the law of consecration" fully. Those guys were
the real deal, respect ✊🏿.
So I wanted to share with you all something that president Marsh
shared with us. He said he did two informal surveys among his students
at byu. 1) he asked them what did they think the next big thing in
missionary work was going to be 2) what are the top ten aspects of the
gospel that are unique to the church that you love most and which
three of those ten would you be most willing to share with another?
The answers were 1) family history and 2) families, family history and
temples. It makes sense though right? Who doesn't like talking about
their families, and there's been a recent burst of the spirit of
Elijah, and people everywhere suddenly care about their family
history. 23 and me and whatnot. And we mormons have a super legit
reason to care about families, because if sealed in temples they're
We've tried it a little ourselves, we tracted a whole street and the
only good contact was when we used family history. We taught our top
two investigators about temples and sealing and that was when they
decided to accept a baptismal date. It really works, and it's so non
threatening. I'd invite you all to try it out yourselves, initiate a
contact using families, and then share with me the miracles that come
from it, because I know they will.
Hasta La Lego™s everyone! See you next week with a brand new email!

Oh and I have a tonne of pictures, here we go