July 17th Securely Folded

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the 52nd weekly session of
emailing from Elder Roach. I hope you're all doing really swell today.
We've had a great week with lots of progress, so sit back and relax,
I'll tell you all about it.
As far as investigators go, Erin and Jeff are both doing great, but I
think I'll talk about Karen Cartwright, our new total commitment. We
found her a few minutes before a lesson with another investigator of
ours, and she's been progressing fast. Her understanding is a bit
slow, but she's been reading and praying and she came to church
yesterday and she accepted a baptismal date. We've also been able to
get members to every lesson with her, which has been a huge help.
That's really the reason she's progressing so fast if you ask me.
We had a pretty cool experience that happened Monday night. We picked
a street to knock that was mainly Híspáñicös. Nuestro español no es
tan genial, so we didn't know why we were supposed to be there. We
just asked the first person we met if he knew where any English people
were, and he pointed to a house across the street. That guy was a
baptist preacher, and he pointed us to his neighbor, who was a less
active lady. We had a little thought with her, and she pointed us to
her friend around the corner. As we were going that way, we saw two
people who looked white, so we stopped and said hi. It turns out that
the younger one had been baptized a few years before, and the father
wanted to be baptized, but he was going to prison at the time. Well
he's out of prison now, and he said he wanted to meet with us again!
It was really cool, basically a wild goose chase with a happy ending.
The Lord knew where to point us!
We had some weird experiences as well. We had our first interviews
with president Marsh, those were cool, he hinted that the temple would
soon be a much bigger part of our mission... Idk what that means but
it sounds exciting. We found a really scary looking house with a
really heavy duty dog chain on a tether, and we thought we were going
to die, but it was actually just a puppy cowering under the house. My
companion got a video of the puppy, I'll send it home. I got some
answers to some deep doctrine questions this week, we met some chill
Nigerians, crazy catholic guy who gave us some catholic pamphlets. I
didn't know Catholics had pamphlets. Also it rained daily again, super
hard, and there were 100 mosquitos on me every day. Just a day in the
life, oh that reminds me of something, rain contacting!
We've started this thing where we take our umbrellas to a parking lot
outside of a store and just walk people back and forth from their car
to the store and back. Then we give them the talk mwahahaha, its
genius because if they want to get away they have to get soaked! Some
people do it anyways which is kind of sad in my opinion, like we're
not going to hurt you, you don't need to be so afraid lol. Most of the
time it's really effective though, because people don't like it when
you knock on their door, but they do like it when you get them shelter
from the rain.
I've been thinking about service this week. I don't know why, but I
have been. We're here to make peoples lives better, trying to bring
light into people's lives. It goes along with rain contacting
actually, what I was saying about people liking it better. I feel like
we as missionaries (remember, every member a missionary!) get into
this weird habit of trying to trick people into listening to us. We
know that what we have is really great, so we just want to get the
chance to share it, and we think that if we can use clever words and
methods we can get the chance and then we can be genuine. I've noticed
that this way works, but it's not as effective as another way.
The best way to do it is to make people happy! Make them glad they met
you! From a missionary standpoint, make sure that their opinion of the
church is positively impacted from your visit/conversation. I
personally set a goal to be genuine with people, to just flat out say
"I have something that brings me happiness, and I want you to have it
too." and mean it. Then show them that I mean it, that the church
really does influence us to do good and help them out somehow. That's
my invitation to you guys, go make someone happy.
I don't know how it happens, but my emails just get longer and longer
these days lol.
I'll attach that video and a selfie because I forgot to take many
pictures this week. ¯\(シ)/¯