July 24th

Hello everyone, I hope yall had a great week. We sure did, lots of
great stuff. I'll just tell you guys about it. Oh and to my family
thank you for the fourth of July package! That was a nice surprise,
and I'm wearing American flag socks as we speak.
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff Davis. They have been taught
almost all of the lessons and Erin just recently started living the
word of wisdom. Jeff is still working on it, but he's doing well. They
also came to church this week for the first time! They said they liked
it and they wanted to come back another time. They're on date now for
the 18th of August.
We had a pretty cool experience this week. We were knocking on some
doors in a very wealthy neighborhood, but we felt like we should be
there. The last house we knocked on was a man named Tom. He let us
inside and seemed like he was just being nice, in fact he started off
laughing at our beliefs a little. He told us to share our message or
whatever, and we taught him about the restoration. By the end we
learned that his son recently was in a serious accident and his faith
was wavering a little. He committed to read from the Book of Mormon
and he said he should have the whole thing read by the time we come
back. It was nice.
We also had some fun adventures, we found a lot of huge bugs this
week, and we knocked doors in the Canton boonies. It felt like I was
back in Dawsonville, lol. I got a few pictures. Also this week summer
decided to happen. It was over 90 every day and suuuuper humid. I
died, and probably sweated more in this week than the last 3 months
combined. Also I got to go to Jasper today. That place is really
country, like the average tooth amount was less than half.
This week was one of those "trial by fire weeks", it just felt like
everything took a lot of effort. Teaching, finding people to teach,
finding teamups, just super stressful for some reason. It wasn't
really that bad, it just felt tougher this week. But hey, thats the
life, and plus I get to practice my diligence! I also wanted to say,
I've been feeling the support of yall. Thank you for the prayers, I
definitely know I need heavens help now. That's something I've
learned, I always heard that you don't need to do anything alone, but
for some reason it wasn't that real to me. I've realized that if
you're feeling tired or something, God wants to help. If your feet are
sore, try praying! Nothing can happen if you don't ask, so try asking.
That's all for now, may the grace of our Lord Jesus rest upon you
(that's protestant for goodbye!)
Elder Roach