July 3rd Str8 Outta Canton

Hello everyone, family, loved ones, or in other words, I will call you
friends, for you are my friends, how's it going? I hope all is well,
and I hope you have had a fantastic week.
So here in canton, our top investigators are Erin and Jeff. I've only
met them a few times so far, but they're really great. They're reading
and praying every night, and they're loving the lessons. Their issue
is that they're really shy, and large crowds of new people make them
nervous. They haven't come to church yet, but this week they went to a
ward activity, and we're going to give them a church tour next week in
order to try to meet them halfway.
A really cool experience with Erin and Jeff happened. We got a text
from Erin saying her mother and sister were in town and we're giving
her a hard time for meeting with us, so we offered to stop by and talk
for a bit. We went over, and they had a few questions, but they
weren't too bad, and we ended up teaching them a little of the
restoration. The really cool part was Erin kept testifying with us and
kept telling her family all of the parts that made the most sense to
her. They both asked us for a book of Mormon to read at the end.
It doesn't stop there though, we actually saw them all again on
Saturday, and all of them had kept their reading commitments! Erin's
sister actually went on Mormon.org and read about the church! They're
leaving back to South Carolina and North Carolina soon, but when they
get there they said they would keep texting us and asking us if they
had any questions. It was pretty sweet.
I feel like my emails are really boring, just big walls of text I'll
have to put more emojis in or something😂👌🏽💯.
But as for highlights from Canton this week. Canton is a pretty
diverse place. Dawsonville had about 5 or 6 black people, and about 15
Hispanic people, but Canton has entire neighborhoods that are
Hispanic. It's been fun we've been working on our Spanish contacting.
We've had some wacky experiences. One of my first nights here an old
lady hit a puppy 🐶 with a switch because it was being naughty. The
puppy kept following us and she was worried that he would get hit by a
car, so she just picked a branch off a bush and whooped the puppy and
it went running back to its house. Mama knows best.
Oh and do you remember that time when I told you about the guy who
believed in Bigfoot and smoked tobacco out of a pipe? He was the first
person I taught here. He's still not interested, but he was willing to
talk for like an hour about Bigfoot👣. I don't think we're going back
there again.
I think I've noticed something, it's all about the scripture study. If
you want to have a good day, make sure you read the scriptures,
especially as a family. President Bennion mentioned it before he left,
he said when he's stumped on transfers, he just makes sure he gets an
hour of scripture study and thing just kind of worked out. He invited
us to pay attention to it as well, and I've definitely seen the effect
on my day. That's what I want you guys to do, family scripture study
first, then personal study. It doesn't matter when you do it, so long
as it's daily.
That's all for now folks, y'all have a blessed day. 🙏🏿
Elder Roach!