June 19th 2017

Good morning everyone, and in case I don't see you, good afternoon
good evening and good night! 😘 it's Elder Roach coming at you on this
fine preparation day evening. We had an really good week with lots of
miracles and blessings. I'll tell you all about it.
So our top investigator is David Lancaster this week. He came to
church finally! He had to have his friends take the day off so he
could come, but he came and now he's a total commitment. We've taught
him 1-3 lessons and half of 4, and he's reading the Book of Mormon
really well. He's on date for the 8th of July.
A neat experience this week was when we found Brooke, we were knocking
on the doors in our apartment complex and we found out that there's a
part member family that lives in the building right behind us. It
turns out the wife (the non-member) met with missionaries in Winder,
and made significant progress towards baptism, but moved here and fell
off the map. We met her first, and she told us she saw us the other
day and wanted to talk to us, but ignored the feeling, and we found
her 3 days later! She said that she wants to come back and she wants
to raise her son in the church. She told us "it's the only church
where I feel comfortable". It was a really great experience.
So some funny experiences this week were when we were making toast in
the church and set off the fire alarm. It was really awkward, I had to
get someone to turn it off. Oh we met this guy and his wife was
"looking for a church" (meaning the first words she said to us were
"how do y'all believe you need to be saved??") and we weren't really
going anywhere, but then someone started shooting in the woods. It's a
pretty normal thing here, but then we heard a bullet whiz past us. It
sounded like a ricochet, but we still took shelter inside. And then
called the cops.
Anyways we found some kittens, had a nice sunset, I misled a basher
accidentally, So that was actually a funny story, what we did was we
met this guy and he offered to have us back over for dinner. When we
first met him we talked about how Jesus Christ and God the father were
separate people and he took this to mean that Jesus Christ was
inferior to God. When we came back he had his Bible out and lots of
scriptures ready to prove to us that Jesus Christ was God and then we
told him that we believe that he kind of just like sat down and said
"oh that's all I really had prepared" and then we had some nice pasta
and talked about the gospel with them.

Hope y'all have a great week that's really all that church is true and
they book is blue. Jesus was a Mormon. Elder Roach!