June 26th Crazy Transfers

So y'all, my time in Dawsonville is up. It's been a wild ride, so many
lessons to learn and so many wacky people to meet. I'm headed back to
Marietta zone, this time to Canton! I've already spent a few exchanges
there, and it's an awesome place. I'm going to be with Elder Roberts.
I'm really excited, but it's weird because 1) only 6 new missionaries
are coming out and like 12 are dying. They have to shut down 4 areas
2) one of those areas is Dawsonville, they're just merging Dahlonega
with us 3) Elder Egbert has only been here for 6 weeks. Not what I
expected really but hey what can you do.
Anyways, I'll tell you about my life here.
Our top investigator is probably David still. We have other solid
people, but he has now established a schedule that will allow him to
come to church every other week. It's not perfect but we'll take it!
He's also still on date for baptism on the 8th and he has finished all
of lesson 4. I know the Dahlonega guys will take care of him, but it's
going to be sad to say goodbye.
So we've had a lot of smallish tender mercies this week. We've had a
lot of those 4th floor last door scenarios, like for example, all of
Saturday we knocked doors. We kept track, and we knocked over 50 doors
and only 15 people answered. However, the very last people we met
happened to be a mother and daughter. We contacted the mother at a
food bank doing service and had a good conversation but no return
appointment, and it turns out the next day her daughter got contacted
by the pilgrim mill elders, shout out to those guys. Three days later
we found them, they're both very humble and have had some recent
experiences that, without going into a ton of detail, make them very
ready for the gospel. They became new investigators, and we have an
appointment tonight. Similar things happened all week, and it's always
right as we have to push just a little bit more to hit our goals.
So funny events this week, we found a hell themed haunted house here
called "hell's gates". It's designed to put the fear of God in people,
and every Halloween they have a ton of people get saved. This guy who
was telling us about it says more people get saved then than at
Christmas! We also ran into that voice of God guy again. It was much
funnier this time because Elder Egbert is a funny guy and he was
getting really frustrated. I already heard it all before, so I just
kind of listened to it unfold. Oh and we went to Amicalola falls (in
Georgian it's pronounced like Am-ic-a-loo-la) and it was beautiful.
There's a sign at the bottom that says 175 steps, and I was like
"that's not too bad", then after those 175 there's another sign that
says 425 steps. It was quite a lot, but it was a really pretty sight,
I'll send pics.
That's really all again, thank you all for the support. It's a little
pressed for time, pretty busy today packing and whatnot, but I love
you guys and keep up the good work!
Elder Roach