July 31st Hamily History

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weeks email. We've had yet another
week that was filled with rain ☔️ and shine ☀️, surprise 😱and
routine😏, frozen ❄️and thawed 💦 chicken. I'll just jump right in and
tell you about our top investigators and some cool things that
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff. They've now been taught
tithing (which I was worried would be hard for them), and there's
really nothing holding them back from being baptized. Erin came to
church for the 2nd time, but Jeff had to work. She liked it too.
They're both still on date for baptism on the 19th of August. We're
really excited for them!
So the best experience of the week was this rodeo they had here on
Saturday. We weren't sure what was going to happen, but it turned out
there were a ton of people there. We also weren't sure how to contact
people, because we didn't want to go inside the actual rodeo because
we didn't want to pay, so what we ended up doing is kind of stalking
the path that led to the rodeo. ¯\(シ)/¯, we just walked next to the
path, and when a group came by, we introduced ourselves, and started
chatting. We contacted 100 people in an hour! It was really fun, I
love talking to people outside. It was kind of awkward at first, just
walking with people on the way to a rodeo, but I have found that in
missionary work you "embrace the awkward™". Oh and there was a lot of
beer, ((some w**d)), a lot of high school/college girls and not a lot
of clothing. Everyone did have cowboy boots and hats, but not a lot in
between. That also made it awkward.
The other big news is what happened in zone conference. We had our
first zone conference with President Marsh and he told us about the
new family history initiative. It's something that's only going on in
our mission which is awesome, basically we're going to be going to the
temple much more often, we are going to be doing our own family
history, and we're going to use family history as a finding tool. I
have no idea how to do any family history, but that's cool I'll figure
it out. We have two hours a week to do it. Also it's in its very early
stages, but he said in the future we might do things like set a
baptismal date for an investigator and then also set one for them to
do temple baptisms. They're going to start calling "Ward missionary
family history consultants", and a whole bunch of other things. I'll
be sure to tell you more about it as we go along but so far I'm really
excited for it!
President marsh shared some pretty exciting stories. He used to be a
family history consultant at one point, and he told stories about how
he went to less active members houses and presented them their
genealogy. He showed them on the tree those people in their family who
have never had their temple work done and challenged them to do it.
Now, these people were very less active. He said one man hadn't been
to church since he was 8 or 9. Something very interesting happened. He
said he only tried it on 6 people, but he had a 6/6 success rate in
reactivation and even some baptisms of some part member families he
tried it on. He gave us a bunch of reasons why he thought it worked
First, 80% of Americans want to know more about their family history.
Second, there is "a compelling charge to serve" your ancestors. Third,
the spirit of a Elijah plays a hand. Fourth, the church has the worlds
largest database for ancestry. Fifth, we have a real reason to do this
work, eternal families.
This is why I'm so excited about this new program, even though it
hasn't really started yet, I'm sure great things are going to happen.
My challenge to you guys is to just do a little bit of skimming
through family search. There's a bunch of neat knickknacks. Just
familiarize yourself with it, and be prepared for further invitations.
That's really all though, ttfn. Elder ROACH

oh and fun pics as well. It got rainy one day, pics from the zone
conference and some other odds and ends.