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Hey my family and my friends and whoever else, what's up? How are things at home? All's quiet on the western front? This week was full of fun surprises for me, also it was transfer week. I'm staying here, and so is Elder Larsen. I'll give you all some highlights. So this week we went on two exchanges, and I went up into Dahlonega. I got to try some real street contacting on the UNG campus, it's pretty fun. You get some weird looks because we were working on being bold and we just kind of stopped people, asked where they were going and then walked with them. I met some wacky dudes, it was nice. One guy was rotc, and he had to do laps around a little block for like 70 hours with this rubber gun because he got in trouble, so we walked and talked with him for like 40 mins. Oh and it's funny, there's a church in Dahlonega and like every other person at the college is a youth minister there, and they teach them anti Mormon stuff, but not like normal anti. They basi…

February 13th

Hey family! How's it going? This was a pretty great week here, a lot of wacky stuff happened and a lot of awesome stuff happened. I'll tell you all about it I spilled some bleach on a pair of pants and they turned orange, so then I just bleached the whole thing so now I have some orange dress pants. We toured a super old guys farm on a lawnmower, we helped a random woman pile wood, walked some dogs as service, our Walmart had a bomb threat. That was interesting, we went to contact and there were cops and fire trucks and tape all over the parking lot. It was still standing the next day, so I guess they got the bomb. We had a super awesome Saturday, we got back in with the rivieres with service (their background: the daughter got baptized, went to temple, mom got antied, told us not to come back) and the mom said she'd consider coming to a Book of Mormon fireside. Later that Saturday we went to deliver a bible to a referral, she wasn't home but her family said she'd be …

Feb 6 2017

Hey fam and friends! Another fun filled week here in the GANM. I'm
gonna jump straight into the highlights here we go
We went to Zaxbys and got some insane kickin chickens. It was really
painful, we all had tears and sweat dripping off of our faces. We went
and visited a person in jail, but they couldn't talk then so we're
going back this week, I'll tell you how it goes. We gardened, we threw
some throwing knives, we started teaching this guy who works at
Walmart. We met him contacting at Walmart, and he hangs out after work
sometimes and so we talk with him. He's really cool, he drew us a
picture of a peach. Oh and I ate another interesting thing, ok step
one, get a tortilla from chipotle, step two get some orange chicken,
fried rice and sweet fire chicken from Panda Express, step three, put
them together and voila. Pandarito.
Saturday and Sunday were interesting. On Saturday,y everyone was
preparing for the Super Bowl and there were little shops set up
selling falcons stuff. I …


Alright family and friends, what's up? Good things happening? Any major changes on how you conduct your daily lives? We had some of those this week, it's been pretty sick. I don't think it matters to most because you're not all missionaries, but our schedule is changed. The way it works now is you wake up at 6:30, exercise and breakfast and whatnot, then you have to be back in by 9:00 or 9:30 if you're teaching. Everything else is up to you, and every mission is different and has different other rules. It's awesome, we plan in the morning now, and we just come home and get ready for bed. I love it. Oh and pday starts at 8 now, which is awesome. That's really the biggest news, we had a few highlights, I went to a duck farm and in a week or two we'll cut their heads off. That'll be something new. We met some nice Mexican people, also some Guatemalans, and my Spanish isn't that great. I can refer them to the Spanish guys and that's about it. I w…