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The Iguana   The Skink An Un-Knockable Door


Well it's been five weeks. Next week is transfer, weird time flew by.
Some highlights this week; I got a haircut, I found an unknockable
door, I met a huge iguana that climbs on people, I caught a skink, I
met a viral superstar that wrote gun handbooks and is in his 70's, my
comp made it all week without getting deathly ill, I had some home
made Zaxbys and also some real Zaxbys, idk I'll attach some pics it
was a good week. Also, one of our investigators has some crazy
Egyptian stuff, if you want I'll get some pics of it because it's
pretty cool.
Aside from that, it was actually a really cool week. We found two new
investigators this week, which was cool it's been a bit slow. Actually
one of them was a pretty miraculous story, I'll tell you guys about
We were doing some service and it got out early, so we went to tract a
street that we had planned. Nobody even opened their doors to talk
with us, they just shouted through the glass. It happens what can you
do, but we we…


Well, I've been in the field for a month now. I still feel new, which
doesn't go away until like 6 months in from what I've heard. I had a
pretty good week though, I'll give some highlights.
Monday was dope we went bowling as a zone and then we tracted in some
really rich places, the houses were crazy nice but the people weren't.
My comp has been having some issues I think it's the side affects of
the antibiotics. We had to stay in Wednesday and Sunday but I'm
getting ahead of myself. I met some nice people, we tried to set up a
free lemonade stand outside of a Walmart but we got shut down in like
10 minutes, I went out with one of the young men and we set up another
free lemonade stand and it went way better because we got permission
that time. Also it turns out that Saturday was national lemonade day,
crazy huh? It worked really well we met like fifty people and gave out
a ton of cards.
The sister missionaries that were in our area got emergency
transferred away the oth…

Seven Layer Hamburger



Well, I could tell that this week would already be better than the
last because we made it the whole week without any trips to the ER.
I won't give a full recap day by day because most of my days sound
boring. They sound like they're all the same, knocking doors, maybe
getting to talk for a bit, maybe getting to teach, maybe getting a
return appointment. It sounds boring but it really isn't, at least for
now, I like meeting new people every day. Everyone has a new way to
say that they need the church. Also I have been a bit cooped up, and
it's good to get out.
Well some highlights this week, I beat a bunch of elders at uno four
times in a row (on pday), I ate a hamburger that was 7 layers thick, I
went to zone conference and had interviews with the president, I
sneakily contacted in a target and tried to avoid the managers, I
attended a mission prep class (better late than never), two of our
investigators are progressing and I met someone and gave them a BOM
and when we came back two…


Well, I've made it a month, I'm pretty much a veteran now. This week
was off to an interesting start, idk if I mentioned it, but my
companion had some stomach problems last Monday, which actually turned
out to be his appendix bursting. I gave my first blessing of healing,
I had to do both parts, but it was still cool. I spent that entire
Tuesday in the hospital reading Jesus the Christ (which is
informative, long, and it uses words like illumines, peccable and
antemortal). I spent the night there.
Wednesday I went on an exchange with the elders right next door
because the president didn't want me just sitting, which makes sense.
I went and walked around public places and talked to random people.
Thursday I came back and helped my comp move around and such and get
back from the hospital. The next day was also just kinda planning and
helping my comp and setting up a little Pioneer Day thing.
We had a Pioneer Day thing on Saturday (it was going to be on the
23rd, but there was a funeral, th…

Elder Roach with Mission President


PS 08/01/2016

Oh also, I thought I should disappoint you all. Nobody here has a
southern accent, most haven't lived here their whole life. I haven't
had any fried food yet, I've actually lost weight, I haven't had grits
or collard greens. This area is actually a lot like home really, just
more trees and humidity.


Hey all, this week has been crazy, and I don't really understand the
filters on my new iPad, so I don't know how to send everyone an email,
so sorry if someone doesn't get this email, It's the iPad's fault.
So, I flew in from the MTC at around 6 am, which of course meant I
woke up at around 3 am. I was so tired that first day, I don't even
know what happened. I remember setting up my iPad and writing some
letters. They were probably incoherent, but oh well. We slept in a
The next morning our alarms never went off, so we were almost late,
but it was all good and we met our brand new companions. Mine is named
Elder Kirk, and he's pretty cool. Our area is a biking area btw, and
apparently he's the fastest biker in the mission, so that's something.
I got settled that day, forgot my carry on bag at the mission office,
and then we did some service for a very drunk Czech man. He really
wanted to pay us but we told him it was service, and he said he'd
donate it…