Rainy days ☔️: the hurricane strikes back!

Yo what's up? The south is going to be flooded ahhhhh!!! Run and hide, buy all the toilet paper! Well for us there's like a few inches of rain and kind of windy, it's honestly not that big of a deal here in Georgia. They still panicked and shut down every school and government building, and all of the bottled water is completely gone. I'm going to call it now, it's going to be like a big storm, some trees are going to fall, but there won't be really any clean up, that's my prediction. Shoutout to Florida and Texas though, keep praying for them.

We still have to stay inside all day I think, it's going to be kind of boring. Anyways, we had a really good week, I'll tell you the highlights. Our top investigators are probably Erin and Jeff. We've very recently gotten them a member friend, who has totally gone above and beyond with them, and Jeff has been doing a lot better. We're going to see if Erin is ready to set another date (remember, she wa…

From the Mission Home Re: Hurricane Preparations

Re: Hurricane follow-up and instructions for the parents and friends of Elder Roach Brother and Sister Crystal Lynn Roach: We want the parents and friends of missionaries in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission to be secure in the knowledge that we are very aware of the reports of projected paths and strength of Hurricane Irma and we are following all reliable and official instructions for preparation. The most recent reports project that the Hurricane path goes directly through Atlanta, but also shows that by the time it reaches our mission it will have decreased in intensity to the equivalent of a tropical storm.  It is projected that we will have winds of forty to forty-five miles per hour with rain of about 4 to 5 inches.  We have been additionally advised that winds like this can also generate tornados. Here is the content of the e-mail that was sent to your missionary today: Missionaries, HURRICANE INSTRUCTIONS We do not currently expect that there will be any major problems in ou…

September 5 2017

Hola fam. It's good to email you all on a Tuesday! Since it was Labor
Day, we needed to labor 💪. We had a good week, I'll tell you all
about it.
Our top investigator is Karen. So we had a baptismal interview with
Karen on Thursday and it went really well. She passed all of the
questions and she expressed that she felt that what we shared was
true, but she felt that she was not ready to be baptized last Saturday
because of a combination of medical challenges that she wants to clear
up before she's baptized and she still feels unwelcome in relief
society. She said she'd like more time to prepare to leave her old
church and friends. The relief society has been doing well in my
opinion, it's more her own shyness. Our top priority will be to get
her some really great friends.
I think the best experience of this week was an ampl (active member
practice lesson) that we had. We went over and just taught them how to
answer common objections that they got, becoming gods, garments,
grace, t…

August 28 2017

Hello everone. Good aftonen! It's been another week in the mission
field! We had zone conference with president Marsh. He basically just
went over the same stuff as before, but actually taught us how to do
family history work. I got to see Elder Kirk though!
Maybe I'll share my testimony first, just to mix it up you know?
I want to testify of the atonement of Jesus Christ. We all need to be
using it to change who we are and get better. I have done it, I have
learned and improved, and I've felt the feeling of having mistakes
washed away.
Our top investigator is Karen, she is planning on being baptized this
Saturday! She's still nervous, but we think she's committed and she
definitely has a testimony. We're going to do our very best to get her
friends and fellowship. That's her main concern, she doesn't know
everyone. She has a few people that she's getting to know, and the
ward is doing well in reaching out to her and inviting her to things.
So one of the cool exp…


Good morning or maybe afternoon! I don't know what time I'll be done
writing this and I also forget how times zones work! How has your week
been? I hope it's been well and dandy. It became summer again here, it
was so nice the last few weeks and this week it was back in the 90s
and 90% humidity😓. Luckily this summer I haven't been biking, so it's
not terrible.
Anyway, we had some events this week, I'll tell you about them.
We took Erin and Jeff off of their date because Jeff is having a hard
time quitting smoking and Erin says she is willing to be baptized
without him, she just wants to make sure he won't lose interest in the
church, that he'll keep trying to quit, and then she's ready to be
baptized. Basically she wants him to commit to being an eternigator
and then she's willing to be baptized. Oh and we moved Karen's date to
September 2nd, because she still feels unwelcome in relief society. We
also wanted to be sure she was really committed, and she …

August 14 2017

Hello my fellow Americans and a few Brazilians. I sure do hope that you're all feeling swell and well, and I'd like to update you on the status of my mission. Our top investigator is probably Karen Cartwright right now. We're in a strange situation with her though. She has received a witness that the Book of Mormon is true and she has been to church multiple times and she is worthy for baptism, but she doesn't want to leave her old church because she has people there that paid for her cancer treatment and have been there with her for years. She tells us she understands why our church is the most important, and that it's true and all, and she wants to he baptized, in fact she already told us who she wants to baptize her and she's working towards her date. We'll keep telling her she doesn't have to abandon her old pals. We've got some ideas and God will help us work it all out. Just an update, the age old struggle. The best experience for me this week …


Hello and good day, and welcome to the weekly emailing of Elder Roach.
I'll be your host and I'll tell you all about our top investigators
and come cool experiences here in the GANM.
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff still. We went over the
baptismal interview questions with them and they didn't really have
any problems with them. Also they came to church again this week! They
are really open and receptive, and Erin is asking a lot of questions
about what her life will be like when she's a Mormon. We have high
hopes for them!
I also have to tell you about the craziest few days with our
investigator Karen. So background, we had a few minutes before a
lesson with another investigator named Brenda, so we knocked on her
next door neighbor Karen. We've been teaching her ever since, and
she's been coming to church and it's been great. We decided to
introduce Karen to Brenda, since they're both older ladies and they
were both coming to church.
Good idea right?
Wrong, Kar…