Hello my friend and family, it’s that time of the week again! Here’s a fresh steamy email comin right at ya ;)
So this week was a little weird, we had to take care of some random stuff Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday we had interviews with President, we had a meeting Tuesday and Wednesday night, and then Thursday we went on exchange in Lilburn. After a third meeting on Friday, we finally got to work that evening :). It’s been kind of exhausting in a way, I’ve never wanted to go to work so badly. We ended up with some good results, which just shows, the Lord blesses us when we sacrifice. Our top investigator is Kemorri, she’s the 9 year old daughter of that “family of 14”®️ She is on date for baptism for this Saturday, and so far it looks like all things are a go! We got it all set up and we don’t have too much left to teach her. It’s looking good there! We did see a lot of miracles this week, like there were a bunch of people who just let us inside on the first knock, there was th…


Buenos Dias my fam. It’s good to be able to email y’all. How about that general Conference? I really liked the talks, even the ones where they had to announce ground shaking changes. Tbh, those changes don’t seem like that different. I did like when the prophet had all of us stand up as the priesthood. He was like “bishops... Seventies... APOSTLES...” and they all stood like avengers assembling. And then he didn’t even say in the name of Jesus Christ amen. What a legend. Anyways, we had a good week, filled with mischief, I’ll tell y’all about it.  We actually found some pretty new solid people, we had two of the new people we found come watch conference with us! One was a dude named chad, and he was really nice. We left him with the Book of Mormon and he read 15 chapters by the next day! Pretty sweet stuff. I don’t know why, but one of the talks on Saturday really struck me, the one where they said to say “I am a child of God 10 times daily”. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m going t…


Hey my boys, how’s life? Life’s good for us! I’ll tell you about it, we had some good experiences and some fun. Also just FYI, Elder holland and President Nelson are going to Jerusalem, #secondcoming #revelations11. See y’all on the other side.  We had a pretty good miracle, we were tracting the richest st I’ve ever seen. Actually, preamble, we do this thing where each of us selects streets we’re prompted to go to, and then we go to the ones all three of us pick. This street was called red oak trail, and we thought it didn’t match up with any of the other ones, but for some reason when we typed in another street on google maps it took us back to red oak trail. It kept taking us back, so we were freaking out and decided it was a sign from God lol. So that’s why we were on the richest street known to man, and I mean there was this one house with an indoor pool. Like one pool indoors and another out back. We tracted the whole thing and as expected, nobody was having it. We did see some wa…


ell friends, I had the weirdest week ever. I don’t know what to say, we was all over the place and just having a blast. I’ll tell y’all about it.
So, quick update on the family of 14, there are now three of them on date, and two of them are planning on getting married in order to do so. That’s exciting, we’re going to keep working on them! None of them came to church because their grandpa almost died the night before, but that’s understandable. I swear, those folks have more emergencies than anyone I’ve ever met.
I think another cool experience we had was with this guy we met last week, his name is Jason. He’s an agnostic, but we left him a Book of Mormon and some pamphlets, and he had read the pamphlets, took notes on questions he had, and studied 7 chapters of the Book of Mormon with questions as well. It was nuts, he committed to pray and ask God if he was there.
So as far as other weird stuff, I went to a place called Monroe, which is super ghetto, and had an exchange down there, an…


Yo, what up brethren! It’s been another week, and once again we were blessed immeasurably. We found sooooo many people this week, like I know numbers don’t have any reference for those back home, but we found 4x the average amount of people. Trios are the bomb , we blitz apartment complexes where each one of us gets a door, we talk to a stupid amount of people.

Our top family of people is that family of 14, we actually managed to teach all of the kids and had a sit down lesson, it was amazing! This one 12 year old kid told us he felt the spirit and wanted to be baptized! His name is Deshuin (de Shawn), and he’s pretty fired up. They want us to come by and teach them 3 times this week.
I think this week was the most filled with miracles I’ve ever seen. We had to take care of a bunch of random stuff, so it was really hard to find time to find, but like every street we went to we found someone new. One guy told us we had answered a prayer he had the night before, he wanted something more…


Hey, guys, what’s up? Remember how I was talking about how hot it was last week, well it’s cold again. I had to bring out the sweaters again! Also it’s transfers! Get ready... I’m staying with Perrett!!! Woo, but wait, what’s this? We’re going to be in a TRIO! With an Elder named Elder Wise!  We did have a good week, a busy week, but a good one. I’ll tell you the highlights.
Our top investigator is Kiki, the 9 year old daughter of that big family. They got mad at us and then got sick this week, but hopefully things have smoothed over and we’re all friends again. She said she wants to be baptized and so were working on teaching her.
The best experience of the week was we got to go to the temple. It was hectic trying to get everyone there and through the baptismal font on time for the session. And it also happened to be the same day as the Atlanta mission, so we had to do some fancy dancing to get it all done on time, and then they had to hold the session an extra 5 minutes. However, onc…

Pictures Dialogue

So here we have a problem, window is high up!
Alright King David (his actual name) I got you Here I’ll lean over Reach man! Here, stand on my hands! “Because of increasing legal complexities, be extremely careful around children” -pg 35 of missionary handbook Stand on my head bro, I need leverage to push you in! Oh shoot I hope he lands softly on the other side You good? Yaaaaaay!!! Everyone applauded!