FB 10/15/2017

Alright y’all, had a great church today, here’s my take away! We usually don’t know what Gods purpose is from the beginning. How could we? How can you know before doing it? When He prompts us to take action, take it, and then you’ll figure the “why” part out while doing it. 1 Nephi 4:6 - And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.

Vaguely Confused 10/16/2017

Gluten tag, my family. Big big news this week! Crazy news, lots more than usual! I can’t wait to share it with you all, however, first I need to take care of some necessary business. My birthday will be this Sunday, and I wanted to tell you out west what my requests are. Birthday requests: -cracked pepper sunflower seeds That’s all. I’m serious, I’ve looked everywhere for them here, they don’t sell them in GA! Or if that’s difficult for you for some reason, money or gift cards are always a good option. Ooh, or a red UGA throw blanket, those are cool, every missionary has one of those for a souvenir. Alright, now that the important stuff is out of the way, here’s what happened to us this week. First, we had a mission conference on Friday, which was from 11:30am to 9:00pm. It was full of all kind of things, I got to see all of my friends from old areas, which was really nice. Then they gave us flu shots, and we each contacted the woman giving us the shots, I think she got contacted lik…

OCTOBER 9 2017

Good day, my fellow brethren and sisteren in the LORD. We hope you’ve enjoyed your previous week. We have some big news coming up next week, there’s only whispers currently circulating... but I have it on good authority that the GANM will be the most technologically advanced mission in the world, by far. They’re filming all of the MLC meetings, because we’re going to be testing out a lot of pilot programs. That’s a good cliffhanger I think, I’ll give you all an update next Monday. Here’s how our week went. Our top investigator is Karen. She is still working towards November 4th as her baptismal date, and we were able to see her last night. She loved Conference and she is making her way through re-reading the talks. She said she was feeling more comfortable in the church, and a lot of the women in the ward have been reaching out to her, taking her to lunch, that sort of thing. It’s looking promising! We had a fun experience this week, we got a referral from the sisters in the ward next doo…

October 2 2017

Hello me amores, welcome to October! This is my favorite month, I've
decided it. It's crazy how fast September went by, but on the plus
side, my chick fil a calendar card should be refilled, woo hoo! I hope
you all had a wonderful time watching conference, it seemed like this
one was aimed at the youth, so I hope you were listening 👂🏿. I
especially liked the Saturday morning session, also I liked Elder
Anderson's talk, with the conference recap and the testimony of the
truthfulness of Conference. It was kind of funny, it was like he was
testifying about his own talk.
Alrighty, be sure to send me your conference highlights, and now I'll
tell you about our week here.
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff, they are doing very well.
They both attended all of the sessions of general conference, and they
even watched one session with the Chappells, who are currently their
main fellowshippers. Erin told us that she knew that what we were
sharing was true, and Jeff told us that he was le…

Chugging Along, September 25th

Dear, my fam
How are you? Any changes in diet? Any new hobbies? You should all be
proud of me, I'm eating a fruit/veggie every day! And we got tennis
racquéts and now we play tennis for workout in the morning. Anyways,
I'll tell you all about our days these past few days.
I think I'll tell you about Karen. I haven't given an update on her in
a while, she's still chugging along. She still knows it's all true and
we've been seeing her weekly, but her main need is to develop
friendships with members, so that's really been our focus with her.
It's actually going really well, she attended women's conference with
one of the members here, she's feeling more confident about the
We had a pretty cool experience Monday night, we went RHU (Reinhardt
university) contacting! It was fun, it's not like a huge college or
anything, but it was really great to mix up finding for a change. We
also had a super cool miracle that night, we met Ally! She's super

September 18th Clear Skies: A New Hope

Alright everyone, here we go. Transfer news...!,..! No transfer! Me
and Elder Roberts are staying for a third transfer! I think I have the
mission record for the least amount of companions. It's kind of nice,
just like "ok, more of the same I guess" and then you just get back to
I'll tell you all about our week, our top investigators are Erin and
Jeff. They've really hit it off with one of the ward missionaries
here, and things have been on a huge upward swing. This member is also
taking a ton of initiative, inviting them to birthday parties (their
kids are now bffs), talking to them outside of lessons, having them
over for dinner. It's fantastic, I'm really excited for them both,
this seems to be what they both needed. Member power!
The best experience this week has probably been seeing Erin and Jeff
get so involved, we were almost stagnating before, just kind of
guessing what they needed to hear, but we've had a ton of really
powerful lessons with them rece…

Rainy days ☔️: the hurricane strikes back!

Yo what's up? The south is going to be flooded ahhhhh!!! Run and hide, buy all the toilet paper! Well for us there's like a few inches of rain and kind of windy, it's honestly not that big of a deal here in Georgia. They still panicked and shut down every school and government building, and all of the bottled water is completely gone. I'm going to call it now, it's going to be like a big storm, some trees are going to fall, but there won't be really any clean up, that's my prediction. Shoutout to Florida and Texas though, keep praying for them.

We still have to stay inside all day I think, it's going to be kind of boring. Anyways, we had a really good week, I'll tell you the highlights. Our top investigators are probably Erin and Jeff. We've very recently gotten them a member friend, who has totally gone above and beyond with them, and Jeff has been doing a lot better. We're going to see if Erin is ready to set another date (remember, she wa…