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July 31st Hamily History

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weeks email. We've had yet another
week that was filled with rain ☔️ and shine ☀️, surprise 😱and
routine😏, frozen ❄️and thawed 💦 chicken. I'll just jump right in and
tell you about our top investigators and some cool things that
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff. They've now been taught
tithing (which I was worried would be hard for them), and there's
really nothing holding them back from being baptized. Erin came to
church for the 2nd time, but Jeff had to work. She liked it too.
They're both still on date for baptism on the 19th of August. We're
really excited for them!
So the best experience of the week was this rodeo they had here on
Saturday. We weren't sure what was going to happen, but it turned out
there were a ton of people there. We also weren't sure how to contact
people, because we didn't want to go inside the actual rodeo because
we didn't want to pay, so what we ended up doing is kind of stalking

July 24th

Hello everyone, I hope yall had a great week. We sure did, lots of
great stuff. I'll just tell you guys about it. Oh and to my family
thank you for the fourth of July package! That was a nice surprise,
and I'm wearing American flag socks as we speak.
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff Davis. They have been taught
almost all of the lessons and Erin just recently started living the
word of wisdom. Jeff is still working on it, but he's doing well. They
also came to church this week for the first time! They said they liked
it and they wanted to come back another time. They're on date now for
the 18th of August.
We had a pretty cool experience this week. We were knocking on some
doors in a very wealthy neighborhood, but we felt like we should be
there. The last house we knocked on was a man named Tom. He let us
inside and seemed like he was just being nice, in fact he started off
laughing at our beliefs a little. He told us to share our message or
whatever, and we taught him about th…

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July 17th Securely Folded

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the 52nd weekly session of
emailing from Elder Roach. I hope you're all doing really swell today.
We've had a great week with lots of progress, so sit back and relax,
I'll tell you all about it.
As far as investigators go, Erin and Jeff are both doing great, but I
think I'll talk about Karen Cartwright, our new total commitment. We
found her a few minutes before a lesson with another investigator of
ours, and she's been progressing fast. Her understanding is a bit
slow, but she's been reading and praying and she came to church
yesterday and she accepted a baptismal date. We've also been able to
get members to every lesson with her, which has been a huge help.
That's really the reason she's progressing so fast if you ask me.
We had a pretty cool experience that happened Monday night. We picked
a street to knock that was mainly Híspáñicös. Nuestro español no es
tan genial, so we didn't know why we were supposed to be there.…

July 10th The Fourth of July

Good morning 😄 brothers and sisters! I'm happy to be here today!
Guess what? I hit a year this week! Isn't that insane? It definitely
doesn't feel like a year, and at the same time it kind of does. It's
been a lot of fun this week we had some crazy times. I'll tell you
guys about it.
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff! We helped them both pick a
baptismal date for the 19th of August, and they're progressing really
well. They're reading and praying a ton, and they both committed to
work on their word of wisdom problems next. We think they'll
definitely make it, they just need to come to church really.
So the coolest part of our week was definitely the Fourth of
July🇺🇸💥. We did a free lemonade stand, and it worked out
beautifully! We had all four of the Canton elders there, and we were
able to talk to over 400 people in five hours. Everyone was in a
really good mood (a little bit drunk) and we had a lot of great
contacts. There was a live band playing, and they…

July 3rd Str8 Outta Canton

Hello everyone, family, loved ones, or in other words, I will call you
friends, for you are my friends, how's it going? I hope all is well,
and I hope you have had a fantastic week.
So here in canton, our top investigators are Erin and Jeff. I've only
met them a few times so far, but they're really great. They're reading
and praying every night, and they're loving the lessons. Their issue
is that they're really shy, and large crowds of new people make them
nervous. They haven't come to church yet, but this week they went to a
ward activity, and we're going to give them a church tour next week in
order to try to meet them halfway.
A really cool experience with Erin and Jeff happened. We got a text
from Erin saying her mother and sister were in town and we're giving
her a hard time for meeting with us, so we offered to stop by and talk
for a bit. We went over, and they had a few questions, but they
weren't too bad, and we ended up teaching them a little of the

June 26th Crazy Transfers

So y'all, my time in Dawsonville is up. It's been a wild ride, so many
lessons to learn and so many wacky people to meet. I'm headed back to
Marietta zone, this time to Canton! I've already spent a few exchanges
there, and it's an awesome place. I'm going to be with Elder Roberts.
I'm really excited, but it's weird because 1) only 6 new missionaries
are coming out and like 12 are dying. They have to shut down 4 areas
2) one of those areas is Dawsonville, they're just merging Dahlonega
with us 3) Elder Egbert has only been here for 6 weeks. Not what I
expected really but hey what can you do.
Anyways, I'll tell you about my life here.
Our top investigator is probably David still. We have other solid
people, but he has now established a schedule that will allow him to
come to church every other week. It's not perfect but we'll take it!
He's also still on date for baptism on the 8th and he has finished all
of lesson 4. I know the Dahlonega guys will t…