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December 11 2017

Hola Hermanos! Como esta? Esta lloviendo hielo! I forgot how to say snowing. It’s funny, Spanish people in canton have a real specific way of saying stuff, it’s always like holarmano, comoeta? Igualmene. Anywho, it snowed! Like a ton for Georgia, 8 inches. A bunch of places lost power, and we were grounded from using cars. So we made a snowman, and a snow dog. I made the snow dog, and I’m unapologetically proud of it.
First, transfer news... no transfer! I’m staying in canton for 7.5 months! I definitely have the record for the least amount of companions, and areas too. I’m in the running for the 4 area Elder, which hasn’t happened to anyone in living memory. I’ll tell you about our week. Our top investigator is still probably Mercy. Unfortunately we weren’t able to teach her this week, because of the ice and snow. It was a shame, but we’ve kept in contact and she seems still good. Sunday was a good day, I’ll tell you about it. We started by tracting because church got cancelled, and we …

December 4 2017

Hey guys, how’s it going? I can’t believe it’s December. I’m also in the same zone as when I started, so this is bringing back a bunch of fond memories of last Christmas time. Gosh I love Christmas, and I love lighting the world. Two years in a row!
I’ll tell you all what happened. So first crazy news, Elder Weatherford B Clayton from the 1st quorum of the seventy came and visited us! We had another zone conference, and he spoke, it was really cool. He also sat by us at lunch, but nbd, I just got to chat with a general authority. It turns out they have to wear suits literally everywhere, he said even to the gym.  So our top investigator is a new investigator. Her name is Mercy. She was a referral when me and Elder Roberts were together last August. She kept saying she was too busy to meet and then she randomly emailed us on Thursday and said “hey, I’m not busy anymore, come teach me tomorrow”.  We taught her and it turns out she met with missionaries in the Philippines for like 6 months…

Nov 27th 2017

Good day, how are you? Happy tardy thanksgiving. Was the food tasty? Ours sure was, we had a delicious time here, and also a pretty dagum good week. I’ll just tell you all about it! I'll just give you an update on Karen and Erin and Jeff. So Erin and Jeff are just waiting and working on quitting vaping. We have been thinking about letting the ward take control here, because were basically done with the missionary lessons and they need regular visits, but we're not sure it needs to be us. Karen has had bronchitis for the last three weeks. I though it was fishy, but we dropped off some cookies on thanksgiving and we saw here and she was still sick. I guess being old takes a while to get over stuff like that. Anyways, we haven't really been working with them as much, but they’re still around, and I think they'll still get baptized. We have a couple new families I'm excited about. 
I think thanksgiving was a highlight for me this week. We were able to use it much more e…

Nov 21 2017

Hey guys! It’s your pal, Elder Roach! How’s it going? We’ve had a crazy week here, I’ll tell you all about it!
The most amazing thing was I got to go with a woman that was baptized in my first area go through the temple on Wednesday. It was so amazing, that’s what missionary work is all about. I really don’t know how to describe it, it was amazing, and afterwards we went and got some fancy burgers! Pretty much the perfect day. That was the main highlight for this week, we actually ate at two trendy restaurants, took a bunch of selfies, and ate fancy food. There was a baptism in our ward for a woman named rose, we hung out with a crazy but nice less active member, and got some pictures there. Lots of pictures this week. We also taught a chastity lesson over text, and also, we saw a lot of nudity this week. I won’t get into the details, but there was at least one per day. The devil is trying to sift us! I walked on stilts, I stomped the devil with a crazy black guy, I contacted a group of…

Nov 13 2017

How’s everyone’s weeks been? Mines been a good one. I forgot to mention last week, but there are two other elders living with us now, they’re in the area next to mine. Our district is huge now, we got the biggest in the mission. So basically, every night has been a party. It’s been fun. So this week we had some fun experiences this week.  We had a pretty cool one. So we were tracting one day, and we had a few options. We could have gone to a store, or to a lesson or some other random activity, and as we were leaving, I felt weird. I felt like we were not supposed to leave yet. So we turned around and went back and started up again. We talked to two teenagers, they were semi interested. They called me sir, so that made me feel good about myself. Then we met some people watching a Georgia game, so they were too busy to help, and as we were walking away we heard someone say “missionaries!” We turned around and this guy and his son were going somewhere, and it turned out he was act…

Nov 6 2017

Hey pals, how is it going? I had a great week! My new comp is Elder Baird. Elder Baird is doing very well. He’s really had no problem with the work, he was a little nervous, but man, this guy is super mature. He acts like a grown man, it’s really nice. He’s not experiencing a lot of stress and he’s adapting to the missionary schedule really fast. He seems like the kind of guy who could lead out the area after his first transfer. Our top investigator is probably Karen. She received word from her doctor that she needs to go back in for further examination, so she wasn’t able to be baptized this Saturday. It’s been a while now, and I’m worried about her a little, but every time we see her she says she would be baptized and she wants to be baptized and she’s “not losing her faith”. I think we should just try to guard against anti with her, talk about the temple and whatnot. I think my favorite experience from this week was when we found Sara. We were just knocking doors, and this one woman …

October 30th

So family, so friends, it’s been another week. I had a crazy week this week. But first, transfer news! Elder Roberts is out! He’s off to the boonies aka Monroe Georgia. I’m not sure who I’m getting, I haven’t met him yet, but he’s going to be a brand new fella straight off the farm. Oh and also another set of elders will be living with us now, so that cool. 
Oh and president is still throwin curveballs, he called two sister aps this transfer. Go figure. So what happened this week? I went to Jasper, we had interviews with president Marsh, we had a lesson where this little toddler decided to go streaking in the middle of the lesson, went to another meeting, went to a ward Halloween party where I got handcuffed, went and visited a baptist church, got kicked out of some apartments, and sat around trying to help someone move. Seriously, we spent way to much of this week not doing missionary work. Too many meetings and stuff. We did have a pretty cool miracle, we talked to this one guy name…


I knew I was a couple of weeks behind but it turns out it is TWO MONTHS behind.  I have no idea or excuses what happened.  I must have lost my mind.  Today I catch up the previous emails.  Sorry.  LOVE you and I appreciate your patience.

October 24th Loved Ones

Good rutabaga morning friends! It’s good to write to you all! I hope you’ve had a fun filled week this week, and I want to let you know, I had one too. Also side note, pday got moved to today because we had interviews with president yesterday. Also next week will probably be moved because it’s transfers and Halloween. Don’t want anyone to play any tricks on us!
Thank you to all who sent cards and presents for my birthday, you guys really made it special. I also appreciate the cake mix, I’ve never made a cake before! It turned out well, I attached a picture. This week was honestly just a great week. We found like twice as many people as usual, we were busy all the time, we had interviews, we put some new people on date for baptism, it’s been awesome. Karen is probably our top dog rn, she’s still planning on being baptized November 4th, and we saw her Sunday and she seemed like she was still planning on that day. I'll also tell you about some of the highlights from the week. Somethi…

FB 10/15/2017

Alright y’all, had a great church today, here’s my take away! We usually don’t know what Gods purpose is from the beginning. How could we? How can you know before doing it? When He prompts us to take action, take it, and then you’ll figure the “why” part out while doing it. 1 Nephi 4:6 - And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.

Vaguely Confused 10/16/2017

Gluten tag, my family. Big big news this week! Crazy news, lots more than usual! I can’t wait to share it with you all, however, first I need to take care of some necessary business. My birthday will be this Sunday, and I wanted to tell you out west what my requests are. Birthday requests: -cracked pepper sunflower seeds That’s all. I’m serious, I’ve looked everywhere for them here, they don’t sell them in GA! Or if that’s difficult for you for some reason, money or gift cards are always a good option. Ooh, or a red UGA throw blanket, those are cool, every missionary has one of those for a souvenir. Alright, now that the important stuff is out of the way, here’s what happened to us this week. First, we had a mission conference on Friday, which was from 11:30am to 9:00pm. It was full of all kind of things, I got to see all of my friends from old areas, which was really nice. Then they gave us flu shots, and we each contacted the woman giving us the shots, I think she got contacted lik…

OCTOBER 9 2017

Good day, my fellow brethren and sisteren in the LORD. We hope you’ve enjoyed your previous week. We have some big news coming up next week, there’s only whispers currently circulating... but I have it on good authority that the GANM will be the most technologically advanced mission in the world, by far. They’re filming all of the MLC meetings, because we’re going to be testing out a lot of pilot programs. That’s a good cliffhanger I think, I’ll give you all an update next Monday. Here’s how our week went. Our top investigator is Karen. She is still working towards November 4th as her baptismal date, and we were able to see her last night. She loved Conference and she is making her way through re-reading the talks. She said she was feeling more comfortable in the church, and a lot of the women in the ward have been reaching out to her, taking her to lunch, that sort of thing. It’s looking promising! We had a fun experience this week, we got a referral from the sisters in the ward next doo…

October 2 2017

Hello me amores, welcome to October! This is my favorite month, I've
decided it. It's crazy how fast September went by, but on the plus
side, my chick fil a calendar card should be refilled, woo hoo! I hope
you all had a wonderful time watching conference, it seemed like this
one was aimed at the youth, so I hope you were listening 👂🏿. I
especially liked the Saturday morning session, also I liked Elder
Anderson's talk, with the conference recap and the testimony of the
truthfulness of Conference. It was kind of funny, it was like he was
testifying about his own talk.
Alrighty, be sure to send me your conference highlights, and now I'll
tell you about our week here.
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff, they are doing very well.
They both attended all of the sessions of general conference, and they
even watched one session with the Chappells, who are currently their
main fellowshippers. Erin told us that she knew that what we were
sharing was true, and Jeff told us that he was le…

Chugging Along, September 25th

Dear, my fam
How are you? Any changes in diet? Any new hobbies? You should all be
proud of me, I'm eating a fruit/veggie every day! And we got tennis
racquéts and now we play tennis for workout in the morning. Anyways,
I'll tell you all about our days these past few days.
I think I'll tell you about Karen. I haven't given an update on her in
a while, she's still chugging along. She still knows it's all true and
we've been seeing her weekly, but her main need is to develop
friendships with members, so that's really been our focus with her.
It's actually going really well, she attended women's conference with
one of the members here, she's feeling more confident about the
We had a pretty cool experience Monday night, we went RHU (Reinhardt
university) contacting! It was fun, it's not like a huge college or
anything, but it was really great to mix up finding for a change. We
also had a super cool miracle that night, we met Ally! She's super

September 18th Clear Skies: A New Hope

Alright everyone, here we go. Transfer news...!,..! No transfer! Me
and Elder Roberts are staying for a third transfer! I think I have the
mission record for the least amount of companions. It's kind of nice,
just like "ok, more of the same I guess" and then you just get back to
I'll tell you all about our week, our top investigators are Erin and
Jeff. They've really hit it off with one of the ward missionaries
here, and things have been on a huge upward swing. This member is also
taking a ton of initiative, inviting them to birthday parties (their
kids are now bffs), talking to them outside of lessons, having them
over for dinner. It's fantastic, I'm really excited for them both,
this seems to be what they both needed. Member power!
The best experience this week has probably been seeing Erin and Jeff
get so involved, we were almost stagnating before, just kind of
guessing what they needed to hear, but we've had a ton of really
powerful lessons with them rece…

Rainy days ☔️: the hurricane strikes back!

Yo what's up? The south is going to be flooded ahhhhh!!! Run and hide, buy all the toilet paper! Well for us there's like a few inches of rain and kind of windy, it's honestly not that big of a deal here in Georgia. They still panicked and shut down every school and government building, and all of the bottled water is completely gone. I'm going to call it now, it's going to be like a big storm, some trees are going to fall, but there won't be really any clean up, that's my prediction. Shoutout to Florida and Texas though, keep praying for them.

We still have to stay inside all day I think, it's going to be kind of boring. Anyways, we had a really good week, I'll tell you the highlights. Our top investigators are probably Erin and Jeff. We've very recently gotten them a member friend, who has totally gone above and beyond with them, and Jeff has been doing a lot better. We're going to see if Erin is ready to set another date (remember, she wa…

From the Mission Home Re: Hurricane Preparations

Re: Hurricane follow-up and instructions for the parents and friends of Elder Roach Brother and Sister Crystal Lynn Roach: We want the parents and friends of missionaries in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission to be secure in the knowledge that we are very aware of the reports of projected paths and strength of Hurricane Irma and we are following all reliable and official instructions for preparation. The most recent reports project that the Hurricane path goes directly through Atlanta, but also shows that by the time it reaches our mission it will have decreased in intensity to the equivalent of a tropical storm.  It is projected that we will have winds of forty to forty-five miles per hour with rain of about 4 to 5 inches.  We have been additionally advised that winds like this can also generate tornados. Here is the content of the e-mail that was sent to your missionary today: Missionaries, HURRICANE INSTRUCTIONS We do not currently expect that there will be any major problems in ou…

September 5 2017

Hola fam. It's good to email you all on a Tuesday! Since it was Labor
Day, we needed to labor 💪. We had a good week, I'll tell you all
about it.
Our top investigator is Karen. So we had a baptismal interview with
Karen on Thursday and it went really well. She passed all of the
questions and she expressed that she felt that what we shared was
true, but she felt that she was not ready to be baptized last Saturday
because of a combination of medical challenges that she wants to clear
up before she's baptized and she still feels unwelcome in relief
society. She said she'd like more time to prepare to leave her old
church and friends. The relief society has been doing well in my
opinion, it's more her own shyness. Our top priority will be to get
her some really great friends.
I think the best experience of this week was an ampl (active member
practice lesson) that we had. We went over and just taught them how to
answer common objections that they got, becoming gods, garments,
grace, t…