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November 21

Howdy y'all, life's been good here in the GANM. A lot of fun stuff this week, as usual. I'll just jump right in. So on Monday we had a cool miracle. We were running out of stuff to do and it was getting dark. We tried a bunch of people, and none of them wanted to talk. We decided to try one more person, a less active who we'd never met, and she opened the door and was so happy to see us. She said that she was trying to Skype with her kids and have a fhe with them, but they were all too busy, and she was praying for something to happen, and she said that we showed up just after, and she knew God sent us. We were able to have a little lesson with her husband and some of her younger kids, and we prayed for her kids who were away at college. As we were leaving she told us she knew he spirit directed us there and she started texting her kids at college to tell them about her experience. There are a ton of things like that that happen every week, but I thought I'd mention …

Pictures From November 14th 2016 -Train


November 14th

Hello! How's it going? It's been another exciting week here in Marietta where it's betta. Lots of fun stuff happened this week, some cool stories and also some Lil miracles. Also I heard Donald Trump is the new president, that's fun. So some fun stuff, we taught our super duper investigator Carol. She's the one who is an artist and likes to paint decapitated barbies and stuff. I took a picture of her living room, and I'll send it if you want. I will warn you, it is a bit odd. It's funny too, because we've had the most powerful lessons in her house. Also we met a guy who built model trains for 35 years. It was nuts, I took some pictures of those too. We met some people who were bahá'í and that was interesting. If you don't know much about them, they kind of believe in every religious text, so they had no problem with the Book of Mormon, but they struggled with some other aspects of the restoration. They were also kind enough to give us some pamphl…


Hey everyone. This was a great week! Halloween was weird, because we
planned after pday, so it was a full 24 hours of no proselyting.
Actually more, because on Tuesday we went to the temple. It was pretty
nice, we can only go to the temple every 6 months because it's out of
the mission, and the temple really eases the mind. Anyways other than
that it was pretty good.
We started teaching a woman named Carol a while back, and it's been
pretty exciting to see her progress. She's the artist, and she texted
us the other day and said that she felt that God was telling her that
she needed to join our church. It was pretty great. We have been
really struggling to avoid political talk, everyone seems to have an
opinion. They like to tell us all about Hilary's evil deeds. Oh the
south. One guy accused us Mormons of costing Trump Utah's vote. I
tried to tell him it wasn't me. Elder Nadybal told him he was from
California and he told him "California's just full of fruits and