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Monday, June 12th

Hello my family, I am still here in Dawsonville on a mission. I hope
things are good back home, and please let me know what's going good.
So as for mission updates, I feel like I should mention, the general
trend of this part of my mission has been and people here tend to make
a lot of commitments and then not follow through. Basically, they tell
you whatever you want and then they just avoid you when they're done.
So the real trick is finding people who are really committed and try
to inspire real commitment in other ones. Just an FYI, so each week is
really weird, up and down, like we find a bunch of people and then
they don't stick around. We currently have two people who look like
they're sticking around and are progressing to their baptismal dates
pretty well, and then we have a few people who go on and off date, and
then we find random new people! Just a general idea I guess.
As for general weekly updates, this Tuesday was President Bennion's
last zone conference, and that…



June 5 2017

Hey fam. Shout out to my immediate fam for sending me the captain
America shield. It spins for like 6 minutes straight. It's weird, it
feels like I just emailed you guys. I'll tell you what updates have
happened since then.
So this week again, we didn't really have too much wacky stories. I
have some pics from the temple trip, and I have some other stuff. I'll
just tell you guys about some mission stuff
Our top investigator is David Lancaster. He is currently on date for
baptism, and he recently got to know his neighbor who is a member. We
taught him the word of wisdom and he just flat out accepted it. He's
been that way with all of his commitments, and he's reading and
praying. We have high hopes for him.
So we had a pretty cool miracle that happened Saturday. A week ago we
finished knocking part of an apartment complex, but not many answered,
so we decided to go back. After we went through a different part with
little success, we went downstairs and a man was waiting outsid…

Trip to the temple.


May 31 2017

What's up y'all, today's Wednesday and I'm going to be emailing. We're
going to the temple today which is the reason why we're doing it
Wednesday, so that's pretty awesome. I had a really fun filled week
here in Georgia and like to tell you all about it.
So as far as mission stuff goes, we have been trying to get at least
10 lessons a week and at least 70 contacts a week. We were able to
teach a lot last week and we are able to find a bunch of people! We
found this one family that I'm really excited about. We were just
knocking around and we ran into them. They know a member here really
well, in fact the daughter was homeschooled by her, so boom instant
fellowshipper, and she happened to be studying about the Apocryphal
Book of Enoch. We had an interesting contact about chapter 6 of the
Book of Moses, that was a new one. The coolest part was we had the
member text her and invite her to church the next day and she came!
That was a big lesson, it definitely would not h…