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Playing with candles for Halloween


Que Pasa Ya'll October 31 Halloween Day

Hey all, this was a pretty great week! I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm back on bike as of last week. You never realize how hilly an area is until you have to bike it. At least I'll get in some great shape, and it's way easier to contact people you pass on a bike. Anyways, this week there were numerous miracles and highlights, I'll list a few. We talked with a lot of people, we had a trunk r treat/chili cook off that we got to be the judges for, a random woman from off the street showed up to it. There was a pretty cool one on Friday, where we had just biked to an area we were going to tract, and I was pretty tired. A member just pulled up and gave us a cookie out of the blue. What's even better, she told us about her neighbors and which ones would welcome us and which ones wouldn't. We got a return appointment from that. Another interesting one was on Sunday, we were still two new investigators and a lesson with a recent convert or less active and two o…

Birthday Baptism October 22


October 24th

Howdy guys. It's been another fantastic week here in the GANM. As some
of you may know, it was my birthday this last week, and our
investigator got me a baptism! It was really thoughtful. Also thank
you all for the cards and emails and whatnot, it really means the most
to me.
I have attached a few pictures that we took before the baptism.
So, that was probably the highlight of my week, really the highlight
of my mission so far. It was pretty amazing, the baptism was half
members from the ward and half non members that Cheryl invited. And I
got to do the baptizing and we had another investigator present. It
was just really great all around.
There were some other funny things that happened, we followed up with
our pirate friend Johnthany who told us, in his words, "I'll just
stick to my heathen ways". It's a shame really, but it made me laugh.
We met a woman who has not only seen Jesus, but she's seen 15 Jesus's
at once! She was also on some prescription meds at the time.…

October 10th

Hello all, it's been a little while. Today is an interesting day,
because Monday is a holiday, and president likes us to tract on
holidays. We would normally move pday to Tuesday, but this time around
were splitting it up so there's some today and some tomorrow. I'll
tell you how it goes.
So, this week was pretty good. It was our stake Conference, which is
interesting because last week was general Conference, so things have
been kind of scrambled. We were able to bring our investigator to our
stake Conference and there was a general authority there, and he was
doing this q and a thing during the adult session, and our
investigator spoke into the mic and said how thankful she was that we
came and knocked on her door and about all the questions she had that
were being answered. It was pretty amazing, that was probably the
highlight of my week. She's still on date for the 22nd, and now I'm
really hoping that I'll stay here for another transfer, because I want
to see her make it …


I'm not doing that emoji thing again it was a little much. This was a petty good week in all. We saw a lot of success this week, and I got to go spend some time in Canton. Georgia is a weird place, I'm in Marietta right now and it's basically the same as back home, just really wealthy like I see Lamborghinis and corvettes daily. If you head about an hour northeast it turns into redneck land and college town, about thirty minutes south is Atlanta and inner city stuff. Canton is basically like halfway from wealthy suburb to poor country, so there was some neat stuff. Some highlights from this week include conference, teaching a man who smoked a pipe and believed in Bigfoot (not in God unfortunately), teaching an old black man in his underwear, meeting two bible bashers, one of whom is now an investigator, eating some BBQ and getting new shoes (for free) and getting flu shots. I think I'm healing up alright, I finished all of the medicine they gave me at least. I don't …