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04/10/2017 Photos



Hey. How's it goin? Everything alright? Good, well I'm glad to hear it. I have some exciting stories and experiences to tell you guys about from this week of April! Also a lot of pictures, that I will explain at the end.
So this week we had a tornado, that was fun. It poured rain and was super windy all day, but we didn't lose power and it wasn't that bad to be honest. I think it was like a long spread out tornado or something. And there was a rainbow at the end! We also had a pretty great lesson with an investigator named Darnell, and he's pretty funny. He calls the spirit the Koodalini. Also he has fake teeth, but he doesn't always wear them, so sometimes he looks really country.  We had a fun day on Friday, we met a guy who opened the door and kind of smiled and "oh hey guys." We introduced ourselves and asked his name and he paused and said "... Smith... Joseph Smith" and then it turns out his family is Mormon, and he knows a bunch about…


Hey my friend. I am speaking to you personally. How are you doing? I
have wonderful news about my life that I want to share with you! Oh,
and transfers were this week and I'm staying another transfer here
with Elder Larsen! Season three baby! It's pretty unusual to stay with
one companion for three transfers, and now I'm doing it again!
So some fun things happened this week. A pretty cool experience
happened to us Monday, we left dinner and our plans fell through for
the night. Happens all the time, whatever, we had backup tracting! We
were going to leave, when we remembered our dinner gave us a sort of
referral, so we tried that. They weren't interested, but we felt we
should keep going. The second door we knocked on was a woman who said
"who sent you?" And it turns out she was a member who hasn't been
active for a long time! We shared the Easter video with her, it was a
good time.
We heard of something funny too, they called it the "kiddie dip".
Apparently w…

Finally more pictures

Notice, his finger is OFF the trigger, safety first!

3/27/2017 Sweater Weather ??

Good evening brothers and sisters! I'm happy to be here tonight! We
had a magical fun filled week here in the town of Dawsonville. Some
random lady used the phrase "it's so cotton picking black in there"
the other day. Sometimes I forget how far in the boonies it is, I'll
tell you some real highlights from this week now though.
So we killed some more ducks. That was an experience as usual, I'll
send some pics. If you want the one of the headless duck let me know
that one isn't really safe for everyone. We met a sick old guy named
Grizzly and ill send a pic of him and his car it was super dope. We
also panned for gold! I got five flecks, and we operated an
underground drill. There was a CRAZY HUGE STORM!! The Wind was so
strong it pushed our car when we were driving home. And I had to get
gas because if the stations lost power and the rain was coming in
sideways. I got some pics of the lightning. I went up to Dahlonega and
we met the woman who put up a kkk flag in downt…

3/20/2017 (thirteen days ago) sorry I am behind at blogging these.

Hello my famioly, How's life for everyone? We had a really crazy week here in the GaNM and I wrote in my journal and drew arrows over all of the interesting things that I wanted to email home about, but I forgot my journal! So I'll just try to tell you what I can remember.
Oh, and I learned that the Portuguese word for cockroach is barata, which is pretty close to Barak. If my name was Barata Roach, i'd be Roach Roach. Anyways, We did a lot of fun stuff this week. We taught our investigator who is in prison and met a crazy guy who started showing us pictures of his family on his phone in the prison. Then some other pictures came up and we had to leave. A man walked into church last week randomly, so we met him and his mom. She has something like schizophrenia, she told us to go away, then she asked if we knew the bible, then she started crying, and so we tried to comfort her and Elder Larsen asked her name and she got mad and said "what's your name? What church ar…


Hey family, happy daylight savings! That's usually not a holiday, but for missionaries it's fantastic, you have no idea how many people use the dark as an excuse. All the time it's "guys, we're about to go to bed guys," and we're like "guys, it's 6:30." No more of that now though! It was pretty cold this week. I had a good, food-filled week this week, I'll tell you all about it. First I'll tell you about the food. We started the week off with a nice Pandarito, (Panda Express in a tortilla), we had some chipotle, some fine dining at a rich members house, some surprise Mexican food with some Hispanic members, a really unusual dinner where the member had to leave because his brother died the day before. That was pretty sad, actually. On that note, let me tell you about some cool zany adventures that we got up to here. We found a new copycat church. It's funny, I've ran into a bunch of churches that take a piece or two from us, rea…