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December 26th 2016

Hi family and friends! Merry two days after Christmas! I forgot to mention that president moved P-day to Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday. In fact, the next three or four of my P-day's will be on Tuesday.  This last week was a fun week. We did a lot of stuff. As some of you may have noticed, it was Christmas last week. I very much enjoyed Skypeing with my family. It was really weird, I went upstairs and it was like I forgot where I was for a second. I don't think of myself as Barak anymore, I'm Elder Roach now, but it's all good. We were able to do some good stuff on Christmas, we visited a lot of people. All of our investigators are out of town, but it still worked. A neat story happened to us in finding a new investigator. We were out one night, about to go on a teamup, but our teamup cancelled, and all of our set lessons canceled as well. It happens sometimes. We were left to our backups and nothing was working. I decided to pray, and I felt inspired to contac…

December 19th

Hello Family And Friends, It Has Been Another Great Week Here In Shallowford! Also since I won't email again until the 26th, merry Christmas! Thank you all for the cards and especially my family, I got the presents you sent and I'm on day 6 now. I really appreciate the bike lights. So some good things happened this week. I met a woman who's last name was Roach, except now she's married so it isn't anymore, we had a lot of Christmas lessons, basically every visit was a Christmas lesson in some way. This week we had a zone conference about working with members, so we come up with a plan to get members involved with our investigators. What we did was we inviting all of the members who lived within walking distance of someone we're teaching, and asked them to use the light the world calendar as an excuse to drop off cookies for them. It was pretty simple, and we got about 20 members to commit to visit people. We're really excited, and I really like the whole lig…


Hello my people.
How's life? Life is good here in the ol faithful Shallowford. Another week has gone by on bicycle and it was really cold this week. Biking in the cold is really confusing because your body gets hot and your limbs stay cold. Ah well, it was fun. I don't really remember any crazy highlights this week, we had a really good week, but not much nutty stuff. We met some good people, we taught some fun lessons. Oh we ate with our fun Czech friend, and our wacky investigator Carol dropped us out of the blue. That wasn't really fun. We were able to go to mission prep and teach some future missionaries. I guess that's pretty much it, sorry there's not a ton. I've been thinking about a few things recently, but mostly it's chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. It's the Christlike attributes chapter. I like to read through it every morning because it's pretty short, and I can feel the effect that it's having. I have been thinking about how much of the …


วัสดีเพื่อนของฉัน How are you? Have you all had a good week? I hope so, I certainly did! It had a lot of funny things, I'll tell you about the funny stuff. We decorated our apartment for Christmas, I'll attach pictures. We were given a giant bag of pecans, so we put them in a big glass jar. We don't really know why we were given them, we ate lunch with our Czech friend and he just handed them to us. Oh, and I met someone who had the perfect explanation for how the children of Israel left Egypt. You see, we all know that the Egyptians were using the pyramids to 1) create hydrogen using the ark of the covenant 2) communicate to aliens 3) generate A/C current to communicate with the lighthouse of Alexandria 4) generate antigravity forces. Here's where speculation steps in though, he believes that the Egyptians were using mind control because, as we know, they had access to their inner power, and they used that power to control the children of Israel. Moses used the manna t…

November 29th

Surprise! I bet you guys thought I forgot about you. This week is transfer week, so pday is moved to today. I'm not being transferred yet, season three of Elder Eric Nadybal and Elder Barak Roach. But I'll tell you about this week now. It was another fun one on bike, we biked an whole lot this week, but it was good, and I just keep remembering 2 Nephi 20:16 and it keeps me going. Some highlights, we found a bunch of new people this week, we had a great thanksgiving, we were able to eat with everyone we saw so we had three dinners that night. It was pretty great. We also found a fair few people. This new Christmas video is really amazing, I'd invite you all to check it out and then do the little calendar thing. And not just the lazy ones at the bottom, mix in some of the medium difficulty challenges.  Anyways, things are going well out here in the Shallowford ward, we are finding and teaching a lot of people. Our top investigator Carol is progressing really well, she told us …

November 21

Howdy y'all, life's been good here in the GANM. A lot of fun stuff this week, as usual. I'll just jump right in. So on Monday we had a cool miracle. We were running out of stuff to do and it was getting dark. We tried a bunch of people, and none of them wanted to talk. We decided to try one more person, a less active who we'd never met, and she opened the door and was so happy to see us. She said that she was trying to Skype with her kids and have a fhe with them, but they were all too busy, and she was praying for something to happen, and she said that we showed up just after, and she knew God sent us. We were able to have a little lesson with her husband and some of her younger kids, and we prayed for her kids who were away at college. As we were leaving she told us she knew he spirit directed us there and she started texting her kids at college to tell them about her experience. There are a ton of things like that that happen every week, but I thought I'd mention …

Pictures From November 14th 2016 -Train


November 14th

Hello! How's it going? It's been another exciting week here in Marietta where it's betta. Lots of fun stuff happened this week, some cool stories and also some Lil miracles. Also I heard Donald Trump is the new president, that's fun. So some fun stuff, we taught our super duper investigator Carol. She's the one who is an artist and likes to paint decapitated barbies and stuff. I took a picture of her living room, and I'll send it if you want. I will warn you, it is a bit odd. It's funny too, because we've had the most powerful lessons in her house. Also we met a guy who built model trains for 35 years. It was nuts, I took some pictures of those too. We met some people who were bahá'í and that was interesting. If you don't know much about them, they kind of believe in every religious text, so they had no problem with the Book of Mormon, but they struggled with some other aspects of the restoration. They were also kind enough to give us some pamphl…


Hey everyone. This was a great week! Halloween was weird, because we
planned after pday, so it was a full 24 hours of no proselyting.
Actually more, because on Tuesday we went to the temple. It was pretty
nice, we can only go to the temple every 6 months because it's out of
the mission, and the temple really eases the mind. Anyways other than
that it was pretty good.
We started teaching a woman named Carol a while back, and it's been
pretty exciting to see her progress. She's the artist, and she texted
us the other day and said that she felt that God was telling her that
she needed to join our church. It was pretty great. We have been
really struggling to avoid political talk, everyone seems to have an
opinion. They like to tell us all about Hilary's evil deeds. Oh the
south. One guy accused us Mormons of costing Trump Utah's vote. I
tried to tell him it wasn't me. Elder Nadybal told him he was from
California and he told him "California's just full of fruits and

Playing with candles for Halloween


Que Pasa Ya'll October 31 Halloween Day

Hey all, this was a pretty great week! I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm back on bike as of last week. You never realize how hilly an area is until you have to bike it. At least I'll get in some great shape, and it's way easier to contact people you pass on a bike. Anyways, this week there were numerous miracles and highlights, I'll list a few. We talked with a lot of people, we had a trunk r treat/chili cook off that we got to be the judges for, a random woman from off the street showed up to it. There was a pretty cool one on Friday, where we had just biked to an area we were going to tract, and I was pretty tired. A member just pulled up and gave us a cookie out of the blue. What's even better, she told us about her neighbors and which ones would welcome us and which ones wouldn't. We got a return appointment from that. Another interesting one was on Sunday, we were still two new investigators and a lesson with a recent convert or less active and two o…

Birthday Baptism October 22


October 24th

Howdy guys. It's been another fantastic week here in the GANM. As some
of you may know, it was my birthday this last week, and our
investigator got me a baptism! It was really thoughtful. Also thank
you all for the cards and emails and whatnot, it really means the most
to me.
I have attached a few pictures that we took before the baptism.
So, that was probably the highlight of my week, really the highlight
of my mission so far. It was pretty amazing, the baptism was half
members from the ward and half non members that Cheryl invited. And I
got to do the baptizing and we had another investigator present. It
was just really great all around.
There were some other funny things that happened, we followed up with
our pirate friend Johnthany who told us, in his words, "I'll just
stick to my heathen ways". It's a shame really, but it made me laugh.
We met a woman who has not only seen Jesus, but she's seen 15 Jesus's
at once! She was also on some prescription meds at the time.…

October 10th

Hello all, it's been a little while. Today is an interesting day,
because Monday is a holiday, and president likes us to tract on
holidays. We would normally move pday to Tuesday, but this time around
were splitting it up so there's some today and some tomorrow. I'll
tell you how it goes.
So, this week was pretty good. It was our stake Conference, which is
interesting because last week was general Conference, so things have
been kind of scrambled. We were able to bring our investigator to our
stake Conference and there was a general authority there, and he was
doing this q and a thing during the adult session, and our
investigator spoke into the mic and said how thankful she was that we
came and knocked on her door and about all the questions she had that
were being answered. It was pretty amazing, that was probably the
highlight of my week. She's still on date for the 22nd, and now I'm
really hoping that I'll stay here for another transfer, because I want
to see her make it …


I'm not doing that emoji thing again it was a little much. This was a petty good week in all. We saw a lot of success this week, and I got to go spend some time in Canton. Georgia is a weird place, I'm in Marietta right now and it's basically the same as back home, just really wealthy like I see Lamborghinis and corvettes daily. If you head about an hour northeast it turns into redneck land and college town, about thirty minutes south is Atlanta and inner city stuff. Canton is basically like halfway from wealthy suburb to poor country, so there was some neat stuff. Some highlights from this week include conference, teaching a man who smoked a pipe and believed in Bigfoot (not in God unfortunately), teaching an old black man in his underwear, meeting two bible bashers, one of whom is now an investigator, eating some BBQ and getting new shoes (for free) and getting flu shots. I think I'm healing up alright, I finished all of the medicine they gave me at least. I don't …

Post out of order Wednesday, September 21 2016

Text message we received from Elder Nickel. : I am the physician for your sons mission. He attended zone conference today (Wednesday 9/21) and not only looks great but is feeling great just two days after his surgery. We will keep a close eye on him and make sure that he gets extra rest.

09/26/2016 Monday


09/26/2016 Monday

Well, this has been a weird week. Also there's a new update for apple
🍎 that has an option to put emoji s in the text automatically, so I'm
going to do that.
I spent Monday in the hospital 🏥 and got my appendix out.  Tuesday I
came home 🏡 and my comp went out with a member to teach.  Wednesday I
got back to work and really that was that.  Saturday there was a
baptism 🌊 for a child of record and we brought our prime investigator
to it. She told us that the spirit told her that she needed to be
baptized 🌊 and she cried during it and it was really cool 😎 and we
were pumped ✊ and she chose October 22nd as her date, which also
happens to be my birthday 🎉. It was pretty amazing 😉.
Idk 😐 really what else, it's been weird because I get really tired 😴
easily, some days I have to come home 🏡 and take a nap 😴 and that
has been strange. I try to stay out as long as I can, but it's weird,
I have a limit now, and it's really low. It's been humbling I think, I
think I'm bein…

Mid week update

Elder Roach was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday.  He felt well enough to go back to his apartment.  He will return to see the surgeon in one week.  He will rest and resume activity slowly.  There is a Zone Conference today (wednesday) which he will attend and rest if needed.  They expect a quick recovery.  For the first week he will see how he feels, maybe a few appointments or a dinner, no tracting or service. He is currently in a car area.  No lifting for a month, no basketball, ect..

Surgery Update

Surgery Update
We just heard from the mission nurse.  Elder Roach is out of surgery and everything went smoothly.  His appendix was inflamed and had not yet ruptured.  Some tissue surrounding the appendix is also inflamed so they are keeping him in the hospital to monitor.  9:37 AM

Week 8 Surgery??

A lot happened this week. In fact, it was ranked top ten (even though
there have only been 8) until Sunday happened. I'll tell you the bad
first. Remember how my companions appendix ruptured my first week into
the mission? Well now they think that's happening to me. I'm currently
writing this from a hospital bed😂. I'll send pictures. They don't
know if it is my appendix for sure. Apparently the CT scan shows
inflammation around where my appendix is, but the weird thing is my
appendix is apparently hiding behind my other stomach stuff, so they
can't see it.
All in all, It was a pretty brutal Saturday night, went into the urgent
care and they told me to go to the ER. Idk I think I'll be fine,
they'll do surgery later today if it is my appendix and if not I'm on
antibiotics for now which might make me better. I'll give you guys an
update if I get out of surgery before 6 pm. Also I got to use morphine
on my mission.
Anyways a lot of other good happened this week,…

September 12th Week 7

Hey all, how's the life? This week has been hectic, but also pretty
amazing. Like I mentioned last week, it was transfers and my companion
was leaving and I got a new companion named Elder Nadybal. I didn't
realize this before, but now I'm the one leading the area, and I still
don't really know how to get around. Look up peach tree road on Google
maps some time, there's like 15 of them. It's been pretty dope so far
though, we saw a lot of good things this week, I'll mention a few of
So, some highlights, waking up at 5 to get to the mission office,
meeting my grandpa, talking about all of the stuff elder Kirk did when
he was a greenie, finding four new investigators and a few new solid
guys, speaking in church on the commandments, getting an investigator
to church to hear me speak on the commandments, and meeting two
families that are super legit.
This has been really weird. Before it was like my trainer knew exactly
what to do always, but now that I'm leading an…

Week 6 09/06/2016

Hey guys, p-day got moved to Tuesday this week because of the holiday on Monday.  Also this week is my first transfer. Elder Kirk has gotten the boot and I'll finish being trained by his trainer, which is pretty weird. Idk If I mentioned before but when you come out you're "born" and when you go home you "die". Your trainer is your father and anyone else he trains is your brother. So now my grandpa is my stepdad which
is neat.  I have had a pretty great week, some highlights include eating authentic Czech food (I'll put a picture), exchanging with a nice Elder named Elder Egbert, finding a whole lot of new people, exchanging with a crazy person named Elder Hernandez and really trying to scramble everything together because exchanges are this week. One of my favorite experiences this week happened when I was with Elder Hernandez. He taught me a lesson about boldness. He talked to everyone, and that includes people inside their cars while they're drivi…
The Iguana   The Skink An Un-Knockable Door


Well it's been five weeks. Next week is transfer, weird time flew by.
Some highlights this week; I got a haircut, I found an unknockable
door, I met a huge iguana that climbs on people, I caught a skink, I
met a viral superstar that wrote gun handbooks and is in his 70's, my
comp made it all week without getting deathly ill, I had some home
made Zaxbys and also some real Zaxbys, idk I'll attach some pics it
was a good week. Also, one of our investigators has some crazy
Egyptian stuff, if you want I'll get some pics of it because it's
pretty cool.
Aside from that, it was actually a really cool week. We found two new
investigators this week, which was cool it's been a bit slow. Actually
one of them was a pretty miraculous story, I'll tell you guys about
We were doing some service and it got out early, so we went to tract a
street that we had planned. Nobody even opened their doors to talk
with us, they just shouted through the glass. It happens what can you
do, but we we…