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July 31st Hamily History

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weeks email. We've had yet another
week that was filled with rain ☔️ and shine ☀️, surprise 😱and
routine😏, frozen ❄️and thawed 💦 chicken. I'll just jump right in and
tell you about our top investigators and some cool things that
Our top investigators are Erin and Jeff. They've now been taught
tithing (which I was worried would be hard for them), and there's
really nothing holding them back from being baptized. Erin came to
church for the 2nd time, but Jeff had to work. She liked it too.
They're both still on date for baptism on the 19th of August. We're
really excited for them!
So the best experience of the week was this rodeo they had here on
Saturday. We weren't sure what was going to happen, but it turned out
there were a ton of people there. We also weren't sure how to contact
people, because we didn't want to go inside the actual rodeo because
we didn't want to pay, so what we ended up doing is kind of stalking